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  • Daniel Gutierrez

Three Team - Pressing Game (6v4)

Training Activity:

Three Team - Pressing Game (6v4)


1. Set up as shown (56x35yds)

2. 18 players

3. Four counter-goals.


1. Build up team has 6 players in 2-3-1 shape. Pressing team sends 4 players to win the ball, 2 players stay in central zone looking to deny penetrating pass.

2. Attacking group looks to complete 4 passes to be able to play pass to opposite (waiting team) zone.

3. When pass is made to waiting team - build up team becomes pressing team (defend forward and looks to high press team with the ball)

4. If defending team wins the ball - they play 6v6 and look to score on counter goals.

Coaching Points:

1. Ability to defend forward (Angle of press into numbers)

2. 2nd & 3rd defender sprint and block passing lanes.

3. When possession is won recognize if pass forward is available - if not connect pass to feet while looking to move opponents.