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  • Daniel Gutierrez

Build up Play in 4-3-3 - 9v8+2 (11v11)

Training Activity:

Build up Play in 4-3-3 - 9v8+2 (11v11)


1. Set up as shown (55x50yds)

2. 19 players.

3. Two counter goals/One large goal.


1. Grey plays in 3-2-3 shape and looks to press high to win the ball and score on the large goal.

2. Blue plays a 1-2-3-3 and looks to score on counter goals by building out of the back.

3. Ball restarts with Goalkeepers & Center-Backs restart.

4. Two Neutral players help both teams (Play as #8/#10 for Blue team)


1. Grey must score in 8 seconds after winning the ball.

Coaching Points:

1. Build up shape (as shown)

2. Movement of Midfield 3 to find pockets.

3. Recognition of #7/#11 to support play centrally in half-space.

4. Apply build up patterns to find free players (Inside to Outside/Outside to Inside)