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  • Daniel Gutierrez

9v7 - Build up vs. High Press (9v9)

Training Activity:

9v7 - Build up vs. High Press (9v9 Training)

Organization: 1. Set up as shown (45x40yds)

2. 16 Players

3. Build up Line.


1. Players play 9v7 (1-2-1-4-1 vs. 2-3-2 shape)2 shape)

2. Ball starts from Goalkeepers restart. Blue team scores on counter goals.

3. Red teams looks to win the ball and score on large goal.

4. Unlimited Touches.

Coaching Points: 1. Build up shape as shown.

2. Movement of #8 & #6 to find pockets (play at different levels)

3. When to attract (backwards/sideways pass)

4. When to break lines (one touch play to find free player)


1. Add an Extra CM for the Red team (2-4-2 shape)