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  • Daniel Gutierrez

8v9+1 Neutral - Breaking lines to Fast Attack

Training Activity:

8v9+1 Neutral - Breaking lines to Fast Attack


1. Set up as shown (60x45yds)

2. 18 players

3. One Large Goal/Two counter goals.


1. Grey works on building play in the back third. They look to find a pass (ground only) to #9's and score in large goals.

2. Red team looks to win the ball and score in counter goals.

3. If GK wins the ball OR ball goes out of play through end-line, free play occurs (ball starts from Gk & Red team builds up.


1. Red CB's must start behind retention line.

2. When ball finds grey #9's TWO attacking players can join attack (play 4v2 to goal)

3. No Red player can join defensive zone.

Coaching Points:

1. Move opponent through ball movement - use double pass draw opponent out of shape.

2. Look to stretch the field vertically in the middle to final third by backpedaling into opponent’s midfield or back line. When Depth is created properly, penetrating passes help the attacking team break defensive lines and thus creates numerical advantages.

3. Speed of supporting #9's by attacking midfield.

4. #9 perform bounce pass to supporting player.


1. Grey team can send 4 players to support #9's (6v4).

2. Red team can send 2 players to recover in defensive zone (6v4)