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  • Daniel Gutierrez

8v7+2 Gk's - Switch of Play

Training Activity:

8v7+2 Gk's - Switch of Play


1. Set up as shown (55yds x Full Width)

2. 15 Players & 2 Goalkeepers.

3. Two Large Goals.


1. All Players play in their own zones.

2. #9/#6 in Grey & CM in Blue can join any zone.

3. Grey scores on large goals. Blue scores on counter goals.

4. When Goalkeepers win the ball ball restarts from their build up.

5. When ball is out of play - play restarts from #6 in Grey.

Coaching Points:

1. Build rhythm via ball movement - clean & sharp passing (Which foot will help us break pressure?)

2. Sideways body position of CM's to improve tempo of switch of play.

3. Ability to perform Up, Back & through combination with #9.

4. Recognize moment to play feet and when to play space. (Can we exploit the overload?)