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  • Daniel Gutierrez

5v5+6 Support Play

Training Activity:

5v5+6 Support Play


1. Set up as shown (Two zones of 25x25yds)

2. 16 players.

3. Plenty of balls.


1. Players play 5v5 + 1 inside grid. (4 neutrals)

2. Attacking group must use central target to use 3rd man run and find pass to opposite target.

3. Central target cannot play ball to target. They can use bounce pass to player facing forward and/or find pass to player in advance of the ball.

4. As ball is played to opposite zone ALL players transition to new zone. (targets stay in same areas)

Coaching Points:

1. Ability to move opponent through ball movement. 1st look is always forward.

2.Can we make runs off the bounce pass. Wide penetrating runs (#2/#3)/Diagonal penetrating runs (#7/#11)

3. Timing of 3rd man run underneath the 2nd attacker. Recognize which player is the 2nd attacker (visual cue: highest player showing into windows. If you are not the highest option can you make a run underneath that player as ball is reaching him.