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  • Daniel Gutierrez

4v2+2 Targets - Transition

Updated: Mar 19

Training Activity:

4v2+2 Targets - Transition


1. Set up as shown (Three Zones 10-12-10yds)

2. 20 players

3. Two Grids.


1. Players play 4v2 inside zone.

2. Attacking team looks to complete 5 passes inside grid. Once 5 passes are completed attacking team looks to pass to central targets who need to combine with each other to find opposite zone.

3. Two players that were defending return to grid - Two players from attacking team transition into pressing.

4. If defending teams wins the ball they looks to score on counter goal OR play the ball back into their grid.


1 pt for passes into next grid.

1 pt for counter goal scored

1 pt for pass back into grid after ball recovery

Coaching Points:

1. Move opponent through ball movement. Two touches to attract & one touch to break lines.

2. Angle of support from central targets. Ability to play at different levels from each other.

3. Defensive transition to recover the ball.