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  • Daniel Gutierrez

4v2+1 Target - Transition

Updated: Mar 19

Training Activity:

4v2+1 Target - Transition


1. Set up as shown (Three Zones 10-8-10yds)

2. 18 players

3. Two Grids.


1. Players play 4v2 inside zone.

2. Attacking team looks to complete 5 passes inside grid. Once 5 passes are completed attacking team looks to pass to central target who needs to combine with player from attacking grid.

3. Two players that were defending return to grid - Two players from attacking team transition into pressing.

4. If defending teams wins the ball they looks to score on counter goal OR play the ball back into their grid.


1 pt for passes into next grid.

1 pt for counter goal scored

1 pt for pass back into grid after ball recovery

Coaching Points:

1. Move opponent through ball movement. Two touches to attract & one touch to break lines.

2. Angle of support from central target & Timing of 3rd Man run.

3. Defensive transition to recover the ball.