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  • by Daniel Gutierrez

2v1 to 2v2 Transition Activity

2v1 to 2v2 Transition

Organization: 1. Set up as shown (40x30yds) 2. 16-18 Players. 3. Depending on players organize two large goals at each side or one large goal and one counter goal.

Instructions: 1. Defender plays ball forward and sprints to pressure. 2. Attacking players perform wall pass combination. 3. Defender next to goal enters game and play 2v1. 4. Pressing defender performs recovery run after arriving at red cone to make game 2v2.

Coaching Points:


1. Ability to play one touch to teammate using near foot.

2. 1st attacker's ability to dribble penetrate into space to make defender commit.

3. Timing of movement from 2nd attacker. Sprint with play but hold run to prevent offsides.

4. If 2v2 occurs 2nd attacker perform run to either drag a defender to create a 1v1 or run to receive pass in behind two defenders.


1. 1st defender initial movement to stay in between both attacking players to delay play.

2. When 1st attacker is gettin closer. 1st defender body position to deny pass and force play into one side.

3. 2nd defender fast recovery working to get connected centrally to 1st defender.

4. When 2v2 perform pressure and cover defensive principles.